CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2023 to 31-10-2027) (65) 6567-9078

Course Deferment

Course Deferment

The school considers requests from students for course deferment on compassionate grounds where there is a good reason deemed acceptable to the school. Acceptable reasons may include:

a) family members who are very sick or dying where the student’s presence at home is required
b) traumatic family circumstances (e.g. death of a parent in an accident) where the family needs to be together to support each other
c) sickness or poor health where the student needs to have an extended period of rest

To request for a course deferment, students are required to write to the school giving the reason for their request and providing relevant documents (if available). The Principal or designated staff will consider the request, consulting with the Academic Head or other relevant staff as appropriate, and then reply to the student on whether the request has been accepted.

Where a deferment is allowed,

  • all supervisory processes are suspended. The student does not undertake any academic work and is considered to be ‘inactive’
  • no course fees will be charged during the deferment period.
  • the length of time of the deferment is not included in the time period for completion of the program and any deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.

Course Extension
The policy of the school is not to allow course extensions where a student is given an extended period to complete a course that other students in the same course would not normally be given. Where there are special considerations, exceptions may be made on a case to case basis.