CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2023 to 31-10-2027) (65) 6567-9078



Course InformationCourse FeeCourse Admission CriteriaCourse IntakePromotion and Graduation Requirements

Course Objective:
The main objective of this course to equip students with the basic knowledge, skills and values
relevant for employment in the global hospitality industry. Students are required to demonstrate
interpersonal, self-study, research and presentation skills throughout the qualification.

The aims are to provide a qualification that:
•Provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to progress to the
Professional Certificate course in Hospitality Management and Diploma in hospitality management related studies
•Provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of the hospitality business
•Provide the foundation for future professional and career development.

Course Modules:
CHO101. Hospitality Management Foundation
CHO102. Leisure and Tourism Theories
CHO103. Foundation of Marketing
CHO104. Industrial Attachment – Essentials of Tourism and Hospitality Operation (IA-CHO)

The manner of Teaching:
Lectures, tutorials and project assignments will be conducted within Trinity International College.

Mode of Assessment
Written Examination
Assignment/Projects and Essay writing



3 Hours daily

*IA is undertaken at the end of the course after students have completed the first 3 Modules.

Average Teacher-Student Ratio:

Certificate in Hospitality Operations

Monday – Friday 3 hours daily

3 Month Studies + 3 Months Industrial Attachment

Course Fees Amount Payable
Tuition Fee $ 2,800
Examination Fee $ 150
Course Material Fee $ 250
FPS Insurance $ 180
Medical Insurance $ 120
Course Fees Payable $ 3,500
Goods and Services Tax (9% GST) $ 315
Total Course Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST) $ 3,815


Miscellaneous Fees (Non- Refundable)
International Student Application Fee $ 457.80
Student Pass Issuance Fee and Multiple- Entry Visa (To
be paid to ICA)
$ 90
Medical Checkup (Payable to Clinic) Approximately $ 45
Application Fee for Student Transferring from other schools / Student Renewal Fee $ 87.20
Banker’s Guarantee $ 187 – $412
Re-Examination Fee $ 109
Late Payment Fee $ 109

Course Admission Criteria

Entry Requirement
Minimum Age 17 years old and above.
Academic Level Minimum 2 GCE ‘N’ Level credits or regional equivalent
Language Proficiency Minimum Grade 5 in English Language for GCE ‘N’ Level or regional
Mature Candidate 

– Are 30 years and above at the time of registration; and

– Have at least 8 years of verifiable working experience; and 

– Provide a detailed resume with contact details of past and present employers

All applicants are subjected to the School’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme

To be updated


The learners will need to fulfill all of the following to graduate and be awarded the


1. Attendance Requirement:
(i) 90% for all learners who are under student pass (STP);
(ii) 75% for learners without STP;


2. Pass all modules, including the Industrial Attachment (IA) module;


3. Course fees all fully paid;