CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2023 to 31-10-2027) (65) 6567-9078



Course InformationCourse FeeCourse Admission CriteriaCourse IntakePromotion and Graduation Requirements

Course Objective:
• To train and influence potential teachers and trainers to be student-centric, and committed to
learning and growing with the profession;

• To impart learning theories, teaching strategies, methodologies and technical know-how to
the learners so as to achieve the desired learning outcomes;

• To create real life classroom settings through role plays to practice classroom management
strategies to maintain class momentum, to achieve the lesson plan’s learning objectives within
the timeframe given, to test out getting feedback from students to assess learning level and to
provide timely and precise feedback;

• To learn how to administrate formative and summative assessments and to use such
information to direct instruction to support, monitor and improve the students’ learning.

• To provide evaluative framework and handles whereby the learners are able to evaluate their
own teaching interfaces with the students, communication with peers, and the school
internally and the communication with parents and education system as a whole externally;

• To mentor and develop the learners to be confident teachers or trainers with the right values,
mindset and skills set to impact their students in real settings (practicum)

Course Modules:
• DET101. Education in the 21st Century
• DET102. Pedagogy in Education
• DET103. Classroom Management
• DET104. Teaching Methodologies
• DET105. Assessment and Feedback
• DET106. Educator’s Professional Development
• DET107. Practicum (Industrial Attachment)

The manner of Teaching:

Lectures tutorials and project assignments will be conducted within Trinity International College.

Mode of Assessment
Individual Assignment
Group project & Presentation


Full – time 
6 Months Studies + 6 Months Industrial Attachment

6 Months Studies (Total 360 Hours) Face-to-face

Monday – Friday
3 Hours daily

Average Teacher-Student Ratio:
1: 37


Full Time

(6 Months Studies + 6 Months Industrial Attachment)

(Monday – Friday 3 hours daily)

Course Fees Amount Payable
Tuition Fee $ 4,700
Admin Fee $ 150
FPS Insurance $ 270
Medical Insurance $ 120
Course Material Fee $ 480
Assessment Tests $ 280
Course Fees Payable $ 6,000
Goods and Services Tax (9% GST) $ 540
Total Course Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST) $ 6,540


Miscellaneous Fees (Non- Refundable)
International Student Application Fee $ 457.80
Course Application Fee for Non-Student Pass Holder
$ 65.40
Student Pass Issuance Fee $60 and Entry Visa $30 (Payable to ICA) $ 90
Application Fee for Student Transferring from other schools / Student Renewal Fee $ 87.20
Course Transfer Fee
$ 30
Banker’s Guarantee $ 187 – $ 412
Medical Check-up (Payable to Clinic) Approximately $ 45
Late Payment Fee $ 109
Re-Examination Fees $ 109

Course Admission Criteria

Entry Requirement
Minimum Age 17 years old and Above.
Academic Level

Minimum GCE ‘O’ level with at least 3 subjects passes

Or equivalent to Year 10 from the respective home country of the applicant.

Matured candidates without 3 GCE ‘O’ level subject passes but with minimum two-year working experience in related education and training fields.

Note: Applicants with non-standard entry qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Language Proficiency

A minimum Grade of C5 in English Language for GCE ‘O’ Level or regional equivalent, or at least IELTS 5.5 or CEFR B1 or pass the English Proficiency Test at equivalent level conducted by Trinity International College (with a score of at least 50%).

English proficiency may be considered to have been met and an IELTS score may not be required if applicant possesses a Secondary/Middle School qualification where English was the sole medium of instruction.

All applicants are subjected to the School’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme


To be updated
The learners will need to fulfill all of the following to graduate and
be awarded the Diploma in Education and Training:


1. Attendance Requirement:
(i) 90% for all learners who are under student pass (STP);
(ii) 75% for learners without STP;


2. Pass all modules, including the Industrial Attachment (IA) module;


3. Course fees all fully paid;