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Post Graduate Diploma in
Sales and Marketing

The Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing aims to equip students with the latest knowledge and best practices in the field of digital marketing.

  • Course Information
  • Course Fees
  • Admission Criteria
  • Course Intake
  • Graduation Requirements
The aims are to provide a qualification that:
  • Enhances the employability of students by equipping them with the required skills and knowledge in digital marketing.
  • Prepares students for leadership roles in various digital marketing sectors.
  • Enables students to understand and tackle the complex challenges of the digital marketing world.
Course Modules:
  • PGDSM 101 Managerial Accounting
  • PGDSM 102 Corporate Strategy and Planning
  • PGDSM 103 Strategic Marketing Management
  • PGDSM 104 Human Resource Management
  • PGDSM 105 Corporate Social Responsibilities and
Business Ethics
    PGDSM 106 Customer Relationship Management
  • PGDSM 107 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • PGDSM 108 Services Marketing
  • PGDSM 109 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • PGDSM 110 Marketing Research Methodology (Research Methodology) and Marketing Plan Project
  • PGDSM 111 Industrial Attachment
The manner of Teaching:Lectures , tutorials and project assignments will be conducted within Trinity International College/PPR.
Mode of Assessment:
  • Quizzes/Tests and Final Examination
  • Individual Assignment/Projects or Essay writing
  • Group Assignment and Presentation 
Duration:Full-Time (Monday – Friday 3 Hours Daily)
12 Months Studies + 6 Months Industrial Attachment
12 Months Studies (Total 720 Hours), Face-to-face
Average Teacher-Student Ratio:1:37

12 Months Studies + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (Full-Time)

12 Months Studies : Monday – Friday 3 hours daily

Cost FeesAmount Payable (S$)
Course Fee$ 7,100
Admin Fee$ 150
FPS Insurance$ 540
Medical Insurance$ 120
Course Material Fee$ 720
Assessment Tests$ 520
Course Fees Payable$ 9,150
Add Goods and Services Tax (9% GST)$ 823.50
Total Course Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST)$ 9,973.50
Miscellaneous Fees (Non- Refundable)Amount Payable (S$)
International Student Application Fee (Inclusive of GST)$457.80
Course Application Fee for Non-Student Pass Holder (Inclusive of GST)$65.40
Student Pass Issuance Fee $60 and Entry Visa $30 (Payable to ICA)
Application Fee for Student Transferring from other schools /
Student Renewal Fee (Inclusive of GST)

Course Transfer Fee$30
Banker’s Guarantee$ 187 – $ 576
Medical Check-up (Payable to Clinic)Approximately $ 45
Late Payment Fee (Inclusive of GST)$ 109
Re-Examination Fees (Inclusive of GST)$ 109
Entry Requirement

Minimum Age:Minimum 18 years of age

Academic Level:
  • Bachelor’s Degree Qualifications in any field of studies. 

  • Matured candidates with two years of
relevant work experience and possess a diploma

  • All applicants are subjected to the
School’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the
Language Proficiency:
  • Minimum Grade C5 in English Language for GCE
‘O’ Level or regional equivalent, or at least IELTS 5.5 or CAE Level 4 

  • Or pass the English Proficiency Test at equivalent level conducted by Trinity International College (with a score of at least 60%). English proficiency is considered to have been met. 

  • An IELTS score is not be required if
applicant possesses a high school qualification
where English was the sole medium of instruction
To be updated
The learners will need to fulfill all of the following to graduate and be awarded the certificate
Attendance Requirement:
  • 90% for all learners who are under student pass (STP)
  • 75% for learners without STP
Academic Level:Pass all modules, including the Industrial 
Attachment (IA) module
Others:Course fees all fully paid