CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2019 to 31-10-2023) (65) 6567-9078



a. Course Attendance

    (a) The college expects all its students to be regular and punctual for their daily classes (which include both physical class and online classes, where applicable).

        • Any absenteeism should be supported by medical certificate(s) / approved student leave form(s).

    (b) The attendance requirement and leave application guidelines are as follows:

Type of Students Minimum Attendance per Month, or per Module
All students on Student Pass 90%
All non-student pass holders 75%

    (c) Student pass holders who miss 4 days (or lessons) of class for each module (not necessary consecutive, and after a series of measures taken) will be liable to have their student pass cancelled with effect from the next day.

    (d) The principal shall review and decide on cancellation of student pass (STP)


b. Absentees, termination, and cancellation of student pass

Unaccounted absences from the College will be raised in the following way:

1st Absence

    • 1stWarning Letter via Email

    • 1stWarning Message via WhatsApp

2nd Absence

    • 2ndWarning Letter via Email

    • 2ndWarning Message via WhatsApp

3rd Absence

    • 3rdWarning Letter via Email – student is required to acknowledge the email and meet with the Academic Head.

    • Letter will be copied to their Parent/Guardian (if applicable)

    • ICA will be notified – student will be copied in the email.

4th Absence

    • Principal will review the case to determine whether Student Pass will be cancelled.

    • Agent/Parent/Guardian will be informed of the cancellation.


c. Zoom Attendance Criteria  

    • 100% (Present)

        a. Full presence throughout the whole class with non-static face shot.

    • 50%  

        a. Student did not answer when lecturer called their name

        b. Student joined Zoom meeting 20 minutes after class started  

        c. Student left Zoom meeting for more than 40 minutes without a valid reason  

    • 0% (Absent)  

        a. Student attended class less than 30min.  

        b. Student did not attend their class at all.  


d. Leaves Matter

    (a) All Student Leaves shall be reviewed and approved by Principal or Academic Head.

    (b) The following student leaves are supportable, subject to supporting documents:

        i. Medical Leave:  

            • Students who fall ill and are unable to attend classes will have to inform the college by phone before the class commence and to consult a doctor

            • Upon recovery, students will have to produce the medical certificate (MC) by a doctor for the days of their absence.

       ii. Personal Leave:  

            • Students may apply for leave to attend important personal matters that cannot be re- scheduled, such as medical check-up, or ICA appointment.

            • Students shall need to submit relevant evidence.

     iii. Hometown Leave:  

            • International students whose home country is outside Singapore may apply for Hometown Leave to attend to immediate family matters (only), including paternal and maternal grandparents.

            • Hometown Leave is subjected to the approval of the Principal.

            • The Academic Head has to ensure that the course material and course assignments are given to the student in advance for the student’s period of absent.

            • All Hometown Leave will have to be submitted along with a photocopy of the 2-way air ticket and any other relevant supporting documents for approval.

Note: College Fees: For all forms of leave, there will be no replacement lessons or refund of course fees for student pass holders